Stelios Faitakis



Born in Athens, his parents both worked in a gold-chain factory (perhaps the source of a life-long obsession with the precious metal?). After high school, he managed to fall into art school after a friend entered one of his drawings into a school contest without his permission. A somewhat withdrawn child, Faitakis found the idea of studying art as thrilling as his parents found it unwise. He did win the battle, however, and in 1996 entered the School of Fine Arts in Salonica. He later transferred to the School of Fine Arts in Athens, from which he graduated in 2003.

A quick look at Faitakis’ work suggests an obsession with Japanese woodblocks or Byzantine frescos, but certainly not with graffiti, the ultimate art of the unrefined, simplistic, and hurried for fear of the cops. But in fact, he got his start in the art world on the streets of Athens, the ancient but notoriously ugly town whose walls, according to Faitakis, “literally beg to be painted.”

Text from Whitney Kassel


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One Response to “Stelios Faitakis”

  1. mama yo cero Says:

    filaraki.. wraios o kallitexnhs,alla de kserw eglezika.
    boreis mia metafrasoula tsaka tsaka, gia mas ta tapeina ellhnopoula?

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