Julien Ducourthial aka o+ro / otromatic is a veejay graphician creating visuals with low-tech machines such as commodore amigas & gp2x handhelds. Influenced by demoscene (underground scene producing audio/video productions on computers in the eighties/nineties), comics and graphic design. His productions melt experimentations videos & graphic collages from various elements (icons, scans, freewares), renewing the aesthetic & reading from these formatted graphic codes. After the releases of fanzines & original covers for different artists (Bodenstandig 2000, Mesu Kasumai, Rico Zerone…) & labels (8Bit Peoples, Retinascan, Receptors), Otromatic now focuses on researches & new works on his website Ilbm (InterLeaved BitMap) exploring the frontiers between pixel-art, abstraction & design.



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