pLAN b

1. Head south on Odos Naxou/Οδός Νάξου toward Kallifrona/Καλλιφρονά
62 m
2. Turn right at Kallifrona/Καλλιφρονά
92 m
3. Turn right at Plateia I. Drosopoulou/Πλατεία Ι. Δροσοπούλου
0.3 km
4. Turn right at Anafis/Ανάφης
0.2 km

6 Responses to “pLAN b”

  1. melanine Says:

    Turn right at Kallifornia/Καλλιφορνιά

  2. pseudon Says:

    tha ithela na do kai antistoixo plan apo ton psilo:

    1.head to the door. 2.walk down 5 steps.3.walk out the door.4turn right at varvaki.5.head south on varvaki toward trikoupi.6.walk down trikoupi.7.turn right at araxovis.8. head south till plateia exarcnia.

  3. Herr Hum Says:


  4. apotsos Says:

    1.wake up.2.sleep

  5. melanine Says:

    xaxax! kai tou Pantou….

    1. 15:00 wake up. 2. 16:00 Konstantinou & Elenis 3. 18:00 Head to Syggrou av. 4. Take the bus to center of Athens 5. Walk up & down every fucking street 6. Stop to Kolokotroni 6. Stop to Ktena 7. Stop tou Avramiotou 8. Stop to Monastiraki, 9., 10., 11. …… 18. Take the tram to N. Smyrni 19. Sweet dreams to Voutyra str.

    and large scaled option: 1. Take the plane to CDG airport, Paris France, 2. Do the same things as the previous plan, 3.Take the plane to Berlin 4. Do the same things as the previous plan, 5. London, …..9. Rome, 10. Take the plane to El. Ven. airport Athens, Greece

  6. bolek Says:


    erhetai kai tou carleone!

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