Poster Competition: “Freedom of Expression”


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Associazione Culturale GoodDesign and HM Studio in collaboration with 4tomorrow are proud to launch Poster4Tomorrow – an open competition inviting the global creative community to create posters to draw attention to, and take action against, the repression of freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression is a right that the Western world takes for granted. But in many countries, such as Iran, innocent people are persecuted and imprisoned daily due to their pleas for democracy and freedom of the press or for exposing human rights abuses.

“For 30 years, Iran has been spoken of as if unveiling women would turn the country into a democracy. But the biggest problem has always been, and still is, the almost complete absence of freedom of expression,” says Marjane Satrapi. “But as soon as we can think and say what we want, we will inevitably be able to dress as we want, as well as everything else.”

The organisers of Poster4Tomorrow hope to spark a movement that will inspire people worldwide to stand together against injustice and intolerance. One poster is a start. Hundreds, thousands will become a global movement for a better tomorrow.

In this respect, we’re proud to be endorsed by Reporters sans Frontieres, the non-profit organisation that fights for freedom of press across the world, and supported by a jury to select the posters that includes: Marjane Satrapi, the author and filmmaker of Persepolis; prominent Iranian graphic designers Reza Abedini and Saed Meshki; internationally renowned graphic designers Alain Le Quernec, Pierre Bernard and Woody Pirtle; and Tommaso Minnetti and Pasquale Volpe, founders of the world’s largest social communication project Good50×70.

Poster4Tomorrow is online and open for entries from September 3. Entries will be accepted until November 15, and winners will be announced in December.

The best 100 posters will be published in a book and exhibited in Paris. Five of them will be placed in the permanent collection of the Lahti Poster Museum in Finland. Select winners will also receive prizes including workshops at the école intuit/lab and subscriptions to graphic design magazine étapes.

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