Sten & Lex


STEN & LEX did it again! Created for their current solo show at the CO2 GALLERY in Rome, their latest series is entitled “Poster Stencils”. The show demonstrates works of the two artists, which focuses attention on their new and innovative approach to the their vision and use of the stencil technique. These works were realized more meticulously than previous undertaking, and this extreme meticulousness is becoming  the very distinct characteristic of their works. Stunning!

The video above shows their process of pasting up the matrix of the stencil, cut on paper, on a panel of wood as a poster. They then paint on the matrix in black and when it all all dry they destroy the matrix, letting some parts of the matrix stay pasted to the wood. In this manner the stencil is not reproducible and the matrix “dies” in the work itselfAnd this is why they call this kind of work Stencil poster . – by

“Sten & Lex” on view until April 30th, 2010 at CO2 GALLERY in Rome

One Response to “Sten & Lex”

  1. elen Says:

    it doesn’t seem bad at all!

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