Seed Cathedral


On a 6,000 square meter UK Pavilion site sits the Seed Cathedral carefully centered. The Seed Cathedral is 20 meters tall and is formed from 60,000 slender transparent fiber optic rods. Each fiber optic rod is 7.5 meters long and encloses one or more seeds at its tip. During the day, they draw daylight inwards to illuminate the interior. At night, light sources inside each rod allowing the entire structure to glow. When the wind blows the optic “hairs” gently move as they create a dynamic effect for the viewers. Inside the darkened inner chamber of the Seed Cathedral” the tips of the fiber optic filaments form an apparently hovering galaxy of slim vitrines containing a vast array of embedded seeds.”


One Response to “Seed Cathedral”

  1. melanine Says:

    Γαμώ αλλά πόσο πήγε το μαλλί?? Αντί να τα δώσουν στην Ελλαδάρα τα τρώνε σε βλακείες!!

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