Hello people


participated in a competition with our 2007 Masters Thesis project at Architectural Association DRL. Our project was selected among the top 20 finalists by the comitee and now there is a public voting until 30th of sept (which will count as the %40 of the overall decision). It would be a chance for us to share our Masters Thesis with you as well 🙂
PLease have a look at our project and vote if you like( like it!). There is no need to register 🙂

just go the website:

and our project is:
PARAMTERIC URBANISM (Group Project), Architectural Association, London, Uk

eyharistw!- thankyouuu!- tesekkurler!!


4 Responses to “Votevotevotevotevote”

  1. patlakas Says:

    poly kalo!!! bravo

    alla ki auto gamei… :

  2. patlakas Says:

    to ”monolith hotel” rio de janeio apisteuto

  3. melanine Says:

    done! eimaste omws ligo pisw akoma stis pshfous. Symfwnw me patlaka-mamougka. indeed.

  4. Take your company public Says:

    I really liked your blog! I have added you to my google news feeder.

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