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David Shrigley interview

October 5, 2010

Check also here


Sandrine Estrade Ball

June 24, 2010

Sandrine Estrade Ball has a secret gift. She can see things most of us cannot. Making objects come alive through her imagination, the 40 year old artist from Paris shows us our secret friends sneaking around a city.

Cafe Royal Books

April 22, 2010

Ζήτω τα Sketchbooks!!!!

Founded in 2005 by Craig Atkinson, with the aim of publishing high quality, limited run books and zines. The print runs vary from 25 – 100 copies. There are usually 5 signed copies of each title available as a special edition. Variety of papers, usually recycled non chlorinated, natural white 80gsm. Various print and binding techniques, determined by each particular publication.

Hey characters

January 20, 2010

For more and bigger characters check Hey studio, based in Barcelona.

Kristopher Ho & Vasco Mourão

December 17, 2009

This week we have 2 different illustrators. They seem to have a style connection.

23 years old KRISTOPHER HO from Hong Kong

Barcelona-based illustrator VASCO MOURÃO.

I was in love once…

November 12, 2009


Iro is an old friend of mine whose work still attaches me any time I visit her site. Unfortunately I didn’t see any updates of her genious (and sometimes melancholic) illustrations the last 2 years. 

I would like to hear news from you, girl!

Marc Johns

September 21, 2009

Marc Johns.Marc Johns2Marc Johns1

Ink drawn and watercolored by Marc Johns.


July 27, 2009



Born 1974 in Kent, England.
He completed his studies at the London St. Martins school of art with a BA Fine Arts degree in painting in 1996.
Boxi has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany since 2000.

Boxi creates hand cut multi layered life size stencils that he exhibits in galleries and on street walls. It is often their placement within the installation or urban landscape that completes and defines their action, enabling the work to interact with the space. It is within this collaboration that the material boundaries of the work are dissolved, affecting the perception of the image.

Emilie Boudet

July 3, 2009

christmas07emilie boudet roadbook_toronto_022roadbook_toronto_028Picture 3Emilie je t’aime!


June 23, 2009


Julien Ducourthial aka o+ro / otromatic is a veejay graphician creating visuals with low-tech machines such as commodore amigas & gp2x handhelds. Influenced by demoscene (underground scene producing audio/video productions on computers in the eighties/nineties), comics and graphic design. His productions melt experimentations videos & graphic collages from various elements (icons, scans, freewares), renewing the aesthetic & reading from these formatted graphic codes. After the releases of fanzines & original covers for different artists (Bodenstandig 2000, Mesu Kasumai, Rico Zerone…) & labels (8Bit Peoples, Retinascan, Receptors), Otromatic now focuses on researches & new works on his website Ilbm (InterLeaved BitMap) exploring the frontiers between pixel-art, abstraction & design.

Ian Wright

June 2, 2009


When small objects create big ones. Ian Wright lives and works in N.Y.

Mathias Schweizer

May 22, 2009

- Antidote DP/def 3ballee001 (more…)

Serge Seidlitz

May 5, 2009

Click the image below to visit his site. It’s amazing!webpanel_141

Amelia Braekke-Dyer

April 27, 2009


See more illustration of Amelia here.

Siggi Eggertsson

April 14, 2009


Dylan Martorell

April 13, 2009



April 7, 2009


Vasava is a communication studio started in Barcelona in 1997.


April 5, 2009



E-Boy is a creative team from Germany, that designs re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork.

Wangechi Mutu

March 23, 2009


Wangechi Mutu (b.1972, Nairobi, Kenya) is an artist who lives and works in New York. She moved to New York in the 1990s to study anthropology & fine arts.

The drawings couple collaged parts of idealized women clipped from fashion magazines with drawn and ink-soaked passages. They are rooted in the history of Kenyan traditional story telling and postcolonial horror stories.

Stelios Faitakis

March 17, 2009


Born in Athens, his parents both worked in a gold-chain factory (perhaps the source of a life-long obsession with the precious metal?). After high school, he managed to fall into art school after a friend entered one of his drawings into a school contest without his permission. A somewhat withdrawn child, Faitakis found the idea of studying art as thrilling as his parents found it unwise. He did win the battle, however, and in 1996 entered the School of Fine Arts in Salonica. He later transferred to the School of Fine Arts in Athens, from which he graduated in 2003.

A quick look at Faitakis’ work suggests an obsession with Japanese woodblocks or Byzantine frescos, but certainly not with graffiti, the ultimate art of the unrefined, simplistic, and hurried for fear of the cops. But in fact, he got his start in the art world on the streets of Athens, the ancient but notoriously ugly town whose walls, according to Faitakis, “literally beg to be painted.”

Text from Whitney Kassel