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We need your votes!

April 12, 2010

Last week of voting.

Hi Everyone!!
Athens Bench Mark is a worldwide design competition to help change the look of our city.
With your vote, our proposal for the Athens Bench Mark competition can be among the top 100 entries that will make it to the judgement of the evaluating committee.
We’re so counting on your support!! The registration process is simple and brief so that everyone can vote and help the committee choose the new bench in Athens until April 18th.
All you have to do is sign up with your name and e-mail address, get a login-code and then use the code obtained to vote for us!
This is the link to the competition site (you will find the sign up link on the right side).
Otherwise you can find it in the 15th page of the participants.

Thank you so much for your support!


Μιας και είμαστε του design…

January 28, 2010

H apple παρουσίασε τον βασιλιά των gadgets…

Symbiosis chair

October 26, 2009

lisa jones 0lisa jones1

These are part of the Symbiosis chair series created by artist Lisa Jones.

Holidays countdown!

July 17, 2009


This clock called “Continue Time” was designed by Sander Mulder.

If you want a digital version, you should have a look at The Hand in Hand Clock by Johan Bisse Mattsson.

From sketch to object

June 5, 2009

Κόλλημα! Που έχει φτάσει η τεχνολογία ε Ταρζάν ή Μπιρικόκο ή Κοπρίτη ή όπως αλλιώς σε λένε !!

by FrontDesign

Design Lab 2009

February 21, 2009
”LIGHTING LAB FORUM” Συνέδριο για τον Αρχιτεκτονικό Φωτισμό

Solar Tree

January 27, 2009

 An urban zero energy lighting project  developed and produced

 by Artemide in collaboration with Sharp Solar.




das moebel

January 19, 2009


The Jieldé

January 14, 2009















The Jieldé lamp

by engineer Jean-Louis Domecq.